Getting back to it!


The house is ready and the madness has begun. The lights go on at 5:30pm and off at 10 pm. It’s been a great couple of nights so far.

One of the great things about it is I can’t leave to make fast food runs. My diet is going to be a lot cleaner from here on out. It’s amazing how much time needs to be dedicated to eating right. It’s all in the preparation. I’ve been strict with my diet in the past and have seen great results. Still going to try and bulk a little for the next few weeks and then level out the calories until I feel good. I’ll be eating 3200-3500 calories a day of clean foods and some protein powder.

For my workouts I’ll be following the armature template from Crossfit Football with a little extra cardio. I’ll be resetting at a pretty low weight for all my lifts but should jump up pretty quick. My goals are to be fast agile and strong.

I had the opportunity to listen to some elite soldiers a few weeks ago and all of them are built somewhat the same. I need to be able to break through a door, but also do “Hondo rolls,” and jump and climb. The ground commander during Black Hawk Down, Tom DiTomaso was one of the men I was able to hear speak. He talked about having Purpose, Direction, and Motivation.

Purpose – (the why) I owe it to my team and myself to be the best I can be and strive for excellence.
Direction – (the how) I will workout and push myself everyday. Even if it’s 8 or 9pm I will do something to make myself better. I will grow physically and mentally. I will seek out learning opportunities.
Motivation – (the will, spirit and pride to succeed) I will return to my family whole after every day. I will protect my team with my life. I will serve my fellow man.

Your “Mogadishu” could be tomorrow.

3×5 Back Squat @ 225
3×5 Press @ 135
2k row – 8:04.3

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